Grab your dog, you can now get mermaid costumes for your pets


Mermaid costumes are here and they’re canine friendly.

No longer do we think of the mythical sea creatures as girly or princessy, now they’re for anyone with legs, dogs included.

You can dress your cockapoo or labradoodle or any other breed up in a blue and purple sparkly mermaid dress, complete with a tiny shiny tail.

It’s bizarre, but kind of brilliant too.

B&M launched the novelty fancy dress costumes, selling them for a mere £5.99, a nifty price for a dog/mermaid hybrid.

‘Your four-legged friend will love dressing up in their very own mermaid costume,’ it says on the website, and by the looks of the images they’ve used, they might just.


Unicorn costumes are also available, obvs (Picture: B&M)

The 100% polyester costume comes in small, medium, and large and get this – you don’t just have to stick to mermaids.

The world’s your oyster; some of the other outfits available to purchase are unicorns, dinosaurs, pandas, and a frog prince.

B&M clearly know what dog lovers want as it’s not the first time they dabbled in a bit of canine creativity.


Please appreciate these pictures as much as we do (Picture: B&M)

They previously catered to furry friends with superhero costumes and then swimsuits for dogs in the summer.

Can you imagine anything cuter than your dog paddling away in a two piece?

And as if that wasn’t enough, you can accessorise them further with B&M’s £1.99 summer dog hats, which come in floral hearts or ‘security’ styles for the hard hounds out there.

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